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The future is live streaming

The future is live streaming

Sinds de lancering van Meerkat en Periscope zijn er hoge verwachtingen voor (sociale) live streaming. De streams van het gevecht tussen Pacquiao en Mayweather laten zien wat de mogelijkheden kunnen zijn. Mashable heeft het volgende er over geschreven:

“Like millions of others across the world, I watched the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in a living room surrounded by other boxing fans. Except, the living room wasn’t mine and my co-watchers were virtual.

That’s right, like many, many others, I watched Mayweather defeat Pacquiao on Periscope.

A few days ago, we joked in the newsroom that the live streaming services Meerkat and Periscope would be heavily used during this “fight of the century.” We had no-idea how prescient that would be.

Cable PPV connections may have experienced issues with overloading that delayed the start of the fight by about 45 minutes, but by the time the fight was ready to go, Periscope and Meerkat were ready.


From an experiential perspective, this exercise really did feel like being in someone else’s home at their fight-night party.

The transformative aspect of Periscope and other live streaming apps is that it can take you to a place in a much more intimate way than we’ve experienced before.

Hundreds of thousands — if not potentially millions — of users logged into Periscope and Meerkat Saturday night. It may have been because of the fight, but I would bet many end up returning.”

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