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The revolution will be digitized

The revolution will be digitized

Als gevolg van een vloed van draagbare apparaten is een beweging ontstaan om technologie te laten integreren op aspecten van het dagelijks leven. Deze manier om het leven te kwantificeren is nu ook big business op het gebied van gezondheid en privacy. In het volgende artikel van de Washington Post wordt dit leuk beschreven.

The explosion in extreme tracking is part of a digital revolution in health care led by the tech visionaries who created Apple, Google, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. Using the chips, database and algorithms that powered the information revolution of the past few decades, these new billionaires now are attempting to rebuild, regenerate and reprogram the human body.

In the aggregate data being gathered by millions of personal tracking devices are patterns that may reveal what in the diet, exercise regimen and environment contributes to disease.

Could physical activity patterns be used to not only track individuals’ cardiac health but also to inform decisions about where to place a public park and improve walkability? Could trackers find cancer clusters or contaminated waterways? A pilot project in Louisville, for example, uses inhalers with special sensors to pinpoint asthma “hot spots” in the city.

“As we have more and more sophisticated wearables that can continuously measure things ranging from your physical activity to your stress levels to your emotional state, we can begin to cross-correlate and understand how each aspect of our life consciously and unconsciously impacts one another,” Vinod Khosla, a co-founder of Sun and investor in mobile health start-ups, said in an interview.

“As we have more and more sophisticated wearables … we can begin to cross correlate and understand how each aspect of our life consciously and unconsciously impacts one another.”

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